Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We had a GREAT thunderstorm last night. I am SUCH a storm person! If I didn't have young kids I would be a storm chaser for sure! Maybe when they get older! Anyway, we had EVERYONE in our bed last night due to the thunder and lightning EXCEPT Cam. Yes...we have a King sized bed...but 2 adults and 3 kids? Still a bit tight. Anyway, the night before that we had another little storm and Major was having a hard time sleeping. So I brought him in bed with me just to help him settle down. He acted like he was having some bad dreams. So we are sleeping peacefully when suddenly Major sits up and starts to scream like he is terrified, I got up on my elbow and said, "What's the matter, baby?" And he looked at me, his eyes got ENORMOUS and he started beating me up!!! NO JOKE! The kid started smacking the snot out of me!! I started yelling, "OW, OW, OUCH!" and I finally got ahold of his hands and calmed him down, he fell right back to sleep! At the time I was very disturbed...but now...looking back, he was probably sleep slapping. VERY FUNNY! Now he can say he beat his mom up when he was 17 months old!! :-)

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