Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh....the honesty of children

I must be raising Cam right. Thank goodness. I wore brown pants today and a brown "MOPs" shirt. I wasn't looking to win a fashion contest...I was grocery shopping most of the day...they were just run around town clothes. When I picked him up at school though and got out of the truck he said, " outfit isn't very flattering on you." Thanks kiddo...for your honesty. His daddy never would have been so honest. Jeff would have said, "You look fine." Hence...the difference between adults and children! :-)

However in Jeff's defense, Jeff does understand the can of worms that would be inherently opened by taking the path that Cam did. Cam does not have enough history and errors in his life (yet) that can be used as retalition. I Jeff on the otherhand have quite the portfolio of said events and by answering "you look fine" was able to NOT be reminded of a single one them. While Cam wisely chose honestly as his answer, I decided on self preservation and attempted to diffuse any conflict. So in short, Cam and I are both wise beyond our years!!!!

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