Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween at Papa's

So, every year we stop at Nana and Papa's house. We used to go over there to trick or treat because our neighborhood was...well...not trick or treating friendly...or safe for that matter. But, not that we are in a good neighborhood, we don't trick or treat over there anymore, but we have kept the tradition of meeting Rhonda and her kids there and taking pictures. Here are the kids...minus Cam who hooked up with a friend to go trick or treat in the "Ritzi neighborhood". Papa is somewhere in the middle! Major has a fascination with magazines. He carefully turns every page. He can sit there for an hour just looking at the pictures in a magazine. He doesn't seem to like to do that with books...but he loves to do that with magazines. We get National Geographic once a month and he mulls over that longer than any of the kids who can read do!

Its a pile up on Uncle Mike!!!
Tinkerbell Brooke and Fairy MaKenna.

Football player Shawn and Tigger Major.

All in all we had a great Halloween. We would have liked to have Jeff with us, but he doesn't get to go out hunting very much and that was a great night for it. He thought he'd be home by dark, but unfortunately he didn't. Oh well...we still had a great time! A little hectic...but a great time nonetheless!!!

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