Friday, November 6, 2009

Chocolate...still holding strong!

Our little Chocolate is still holding on!! He eats like a little piggy...his belly gets SO distended after he eats...but then he purrs and lays down and sleeps for hours...oh, the life of a kitty. Major has been very "Hands on" with the kitty. Ugh....he loves to carry him around...which is fine, if he does it correctly. However, he often will hold the kitty by one leg, or by the neck. I tell ya, this kitty has already gone through 8 of his lives with Major around! I was cooking dinner the other day and Major strolled his little stroller in...the kitty was sitting in the stroller! It was so cute! However, I have had to fish the kitty out of the toilet already, courtesy of Major. Major is also learning how to put his dirty dishes in the sink. Kitty's are no exception...I guess the Kitty was dirty because Major tossed him in the sink that was full of dirty dishes that had ketchup on them...hence...the kitty then had ketchup all over him. Ugh....I could go on with other horrific incidents...but I don't want PETA coming after Major. :-) I do my best to keep Chocolate out of the "terminators" grasp!

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