Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Family Night

Well...tonight is family night. I am not sure if I have shared this before...if I have...sorry, but we are SOOO busy with hockey and hockey dance (what MaKenna calls her figure skating), that we are NEVER home in the evenings. The one night we are all home is Wednesday night. So we opted OUT of Awana so that we could be home...all of us...together. We usually take turns deciding what to do...of course, mom and dad can put the nix on things...but for the most part, we do just about whatever that particular child would like to do that night. We play games, we go out somewhere special to eat (those are on Cam's nights...all the kid does is think about food!), we play hide and go seek in the dark (that is a favorite), we watch movies, etc. You get the idea. Well...tonight Coco Key (Indoor waterpark here in Omaha), was free and normally it costs around $20 to get in...and it was free! So...we went there. wasn't a total family night. Jeff couldn't get off work in time and you had to be there by 5 in order to get in for free...and Cam was just being a booger and didn't want to I took Jake, MaKenna and Major by myself. It was PACKED...and we had to stand in line to get in...but I kept telling myself it is family night, I promised the kids...Jake and Kenna are is worth it. We DID have a good time. It was VERY stressful keeping my eye on everyone at the same time as packed as it was...but I survived...and they survived and we had a good time. HOWEVER, I forgot our towels. I have been to Coco Key before...they have towels. You know, they have a bin for dirty towels and usually next to it they have a bin with folded clean towels. Well, those bins weren't out there. So I asked the clerk behind the lifeguard counter. He had a bin next to him with towels in it. They were not folded, but I assumed they had just gotten out of the dryer or something and he hadn't had time to fold them. He handed them to me and off we went. Once I went to wrap them around the kids I noticed that one had a fresh ketchup stain on it and one had something that resembled mud on it. Upon further inspection with my nose, I realized these towels were OH SO NOT CLEAN! EEEWWW!!! That is SOOO gross!!! Can you believe that someone would give out dirty towels!! Used towels!?!?! And it wasn't like I was the only one asking...there were quite a few people up there when I was up there asking for towels that he also took out of said bin! UGH! Well...that really put the kabosh on a good night let me tell ya!!!!

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