Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lydia Kay Ramsey was born on Friday the 6th!!

So Deana called me Friday afternoon and said, "I think I am in labor." Yes...this is her fourth child, but she has never fully gone into labor. Her first was an inducement turned c-section and the rest were all scheduled c-sections as well. So, she had no idea what it was like to randomly go into labor. Since it was Friday, she thought she should call the doctor just in case. They wanted to see her, so she brought the kids over around 1pm. We figured she would be kep there...and sure enough, they got her a room and got her prepped for surgery. At 4:43 pm on Friday, Novebmer 6th, little Lydia Kay Ramsey was born! She was 6 pounds, 15 ounces and 19 inches long. She is quite a cutie! So...we had already planned on having my and Allyson's birthday dinner that Friday night. We knew Deana would obviously no longer be able to come with Emily and Allyson and I went out anyway...don't worry...we will still go out with Deana again when she is ready too! Good excuse for good company and a night out with no kids!! After our dinner, we ordered dessert and took a dessert for Deana to her at the hospital. Lakeside has great desserts...but we wanted her to be a part of our night somehow! So here we all are...

The proud daddy, mommy and little Lydia.
Allyson and Lydia.

Mamma...feeling great and looking great after her fourth c-section!

Big brother Gabriel, big sister Hannah and big brother Nehemiah just love on her like crazy! She is going to be one spoiled and loved little girl!!

Here is Emily and Lydia.


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