Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pictures October 2009

Our Mops group at church puts together a photo shoot for us Mops moms each year. Addie Gengenbach does the photos and she does a fabulous job! She gives you the disc with all of your pictures, and she also puts them in black and white and sepia for you also, so you can have your choice. Grandma Gwin and Dixie were here when we took the pictures, so they got to have pictures taken with the kiddos too. We had to work fast though...Major started having his "major" meltdown!

Can you believe that Cam is almost 11 years old???

Jake is almost 9 years old! Gosh...where does the time go?

The model of the family, MaKenna...just turned 5!

Then there is my terror...Major....he will be 2 in a few weeks!

The whole family. I was hidding behind Major apparently.

There's mommy!
My pride and joy!!!

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Keeslermom said...

She did a great job! What a great idea!

You kids are all grown up now!