Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Parties at Neihardt!!

Friday the 30th was Halloween parties and "parade" at the boys' school. MaKenna has always like to go and dress up as well. She decided to be a princess again...when we got there, I dropped her off in Cam's class because she likes to walk in the "parade" with him and Tigger and I went to Jake's class. Then Tigger and I headed off to the gymnasium where the "parade" would go through. Jake was Batman.

Here is MaKenna and "Scream" getting ready for the "parade". Major was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of Cam! Wouldn't get NEAR him with that mask on.
Here are big brother Cam and little sister Kenna walking the "parade" together. He held her hand the whole time. What a great big brother!!!
Here is Batman going passed us in the "parade".

After the "parade", Tigger and I went back to the classrooms. Last year I was home room mom, so I had to do all the food and games. This year I decided to take a step back and actually enjoy the parties. Good thing I did...Major didn't sit still. He was ALL over the place. He quickly learned the route between Cam's class and Jake's class and used it frequently. Some of the parent's got good at pointing to where he was when I came running! So...needless to say, I STILL didn't get to enjoy the parties because I was chasing Tigger the whole time. MaKenna stayed with Cam in his party the whole time. He has much more patience with her than Jake does and Cam lets her play games with him in his class....Jake wouldn't ever let her do that, so she was safest in the fifth grade room!

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