Friday, November 27, 2009

Delivery of Turkeys!

So last Saturday I was a bit under the weather with a cold, but we had signed up to deliver turkeys for the Open Door Mission here in Omaha for underpriviledged people, so I muscled through. Originally we were told we would deliver 5 turkeys to 5 different homes. But when we got there, they only gave us 2 turkey and fixin's to deliver. It was very nice because they gave us the addresses and the maps. So...both of our homes were in Bellevue. So we drove down there...followed the google map to a tee....and where were the houses? Hmm...did we take a wrong turn? we drove around a bit knowing that those computer maps don't ALWAYS know EVERYTHING...but luck. So we called in the sister. I called her and asked her to look it up on Mapquest...she got the same result. Hmmm...after about an hour of trying to figure it out, we realized that the address was different then the address that they put in the google maps...we were told by google maps to go to Florence Dr...the actual address was Florence BLVD and they had also put in a different zip code. Sooo...we drove all the way BACK toward the Open Door Mission and went to where we THOUGHT Florence Blvd. was. Woops...not there then we FINALLY lookce at my GPS in the truck and found it way in north east Omaha. So after 2 hours of driving around...we finally found homes for our turkeys! It was a nice experience though for the kids to see how some people live, to teach them that some people don't have some of the luxeries that they have or even the food that they have. We will do it again next year I will check the address AND the google map against eachother BEFORE we leave the premises! :-)

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