Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Just wanted to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of my family and friends out there! I am SO thankful for each and every one of you! God gave us the ability to be thankful not only to eachother but also to Him. I pray that we all remember Who to truly thank this Thanksgiving season.
Without Him, there would be no turkeys! Without Him, there would have been no Mayflower to bring the Pilgrims over. Without Him, there would have been no Indians for the Pilgrims to meet. You get my point. It all stems back to the One and only true Living God.

So while you are busy preparing your meals, eating your meals, thanking your family, watching football (YIPPEE), and falling asleep from the sedative effect that turkey has....don't forget to thank your Heavenly Father, who created all things!! Just a reminder that we all need sometimes! I know I need reminders! We are only human!
Give your loved ones extra hugs and kisses tomorrow!! Enjoy the football...oh...and the turkey and time with friends and family! I guess you know what I am looking forward too!!!

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