Friday, November 6, 2009

The rest of our neighborhood fun!

Major started out really well...walking on his own. I was a little leary going out without I took the dogs too. Yes...I even dressed them up...but once Major was "done", the dogs were taken back by Cam (I could see the house when he took them back), because it got too difficult to manage 2 dogs on leashes and carry a squirmy 23 month old. He started well though! Once I had to hold him, I tripped over some sort of viney thing and my hip popped out. hurt SO electrical impulses going through my body! It was awful! The rest of the trick or treating night was painful...but I pulled through!!! I mean...FREE CANDY!!! :-)

There are two pictures of the with Cam and without Major and one with Major and without Cam. Major was SO terrified of Cam, that he refused to be anywhere near that meant they couldn't take a picture together!

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