Monday, October 26, 2009

Wedding day....

The Reception!!!
The reception was great....and I actually have more pictures...but my camcorder needed to be charged. I had taken pictures with that because my other camera had been dropped by Jake after the wedding and we thought it was broken...then it turned out not to be. soon as my camcorder gets charged, I will post more reception pictures! Stay tuned!!
The reception was in Roswell right on the Chattahoochie river! It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Honestly...I didn't know the Chattahoochie exhisted. I had hearn Alan Jacksons song...but thought it was just that...a song!! I also saw the Chatanooga Choo-Choo in Chatanooga, TN...I thought that was just a song too!!! NO idea it was a real thing!!! :-) I swear I am not blonde!
Here is Tator and Danny-Boy cutting the cake....

I thought this was such a cute picture because Cam was outside watching!
Here is the dollar dance. Jeff paid to dance with Tator, while Major and I paid to dance with Danny-Boy. Major wouldn't leave my side ALL night....that is another story all in itself though!

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