Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Melting Pot...YUM!

We were blessed to have Jeff's mom in town last week!! It was Dixie's birthday and so Mamma Gwin came out to see us all!! Unfortunately we had JUST gotten home from Atlanta so we were still getting life back to normal and we had a VERY busy week ahead, so we didn't get to see her a ton...but Dixie kept her busy anyway! She came over Tuesday night and went with us to watch the boys' hockey practice. Wednesday she went with us to feed the horses. It was a nasty week for weather though, so she didn't get to see MaKenna ride. :-( Maybe next time. After the horses we went out for a yummy meal at my favorite Mexican restaurant La Mesa! YUM YUM! Thursday the boys had hockey practice AGAIN, so they went to that. Friday night the adults wanted to go out for an adult birthday meal for Dixie as Dixie's birthday was Saturday. I have four kids...and babysitters are hard to come by with short notice. So...I did a divide and conquer. My dad watched Major, Cam went to a friends house and MaKenna and Jake went to their friends' house who are also siblings. So...four kids...three houses. Not too bad! Anyway, we went to the Melting Pot! Ooohhh lala!! Gotta love The Melting Pot. SO expensive, but OH SO GOOD!
Jeff isn't into socializing...and The Melting Pot is an all evening that part wasn't his cup of tea, but I think he enjoyed the food!! On the other hand, I LOVE food and I LOVE to socialize, so it was RIGHT up my alley!!
Thanks mom for a wonderful dinner(s) and a wonderful "staycation"...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIXIE!!

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