Tuesday, October 6, 2009


If you know me...you know that I don't like cats. Well...it isn't really that I don't like cats...it is that I have always been allergic to cats..and it doesn't help that I had one bite my growing chest as a 12 year old...and it hurt really bad. Anyway....a stray cat had kittens on our hay bales out at the ranch. We felt badly for her, so we gave her some bedding. Well...the nights started getting colder and soon 2 of the kitties died...so we brought them all home. Yes...allergies and all. But we kept them in the garage. SOMEHOW though they have ended up in my living room. They were in the basement for a couple days, now they are upstairs. Go figure. Mom always loses it seems! :-( Anyway...MaKenna can't get enough of them...when they were in the garage, she sat out there CONSTANTLY with them...that is one reason we decided to bring them into the basement...poor MaKenna was getting cold! Well...one more kitty died the morning we were at the Race for the Cure. So we are down to 2 kitties and the mamma. We named the ever so skinny mamma Mercy...because God is showing Mercy on her through the Nebraska Filleman's. Cam names his favorite blonde one Tahoo...don't ask...and Jake named the brown one Chocolate. MaKenna's was socks...that was the runt that died while we were at the race. She was devastated. She cried and cried and cried. She LOVES to hold them. Thank goodness she doesn't seem to be allergic to them. Neither do the other kids, which is great, because they love to snuggle with them as well. Mercy is an EXTREMELY nice cat also. So...if you know anybody who wants a cat...we aren't keeping them all!! LET ME KNOW!!! Here is chocolate sitting in my hand. Their little eyes aren't even open yet. Here is Cam holding Tahoo.

Here are the brothers...as far as I can tell, they are both boys....hey...it is harder to tell on kitties!!!! They aren't fully....developed yet!!

Here is Jeff with Mercy after he gave her a MUCH NEEDED bath. Yes...BATH...and she did FINE!!!

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