Monday, October 26, 2009

Atlanta trip...

Well...we made it to Atlanta!! We were a day late...but we made it! Major had a sinus we took him to the doctor Wednesday morning and we were on the road by noon. Since our timing was off, we decided to stop for the night Wednesday night and continue Thursday morning. We stayed in Mt. Vernon, IL Wednesday night. We were on the road again by 8 Thursday morning. We got into Atlanta around 4pm....and ooohhh...the traffic!!! YIKES!!! Jeff fell in love with Tennessee on the way down though. It is beautiful country that is for sure! So Thursday night we had supper with Tator, her fiance Daniel, he mom and her son Braydon. Braydon is only about 3 months younger than Major so he and Major hit it off!! They had a good time!! It was sure nice to see Tator!! We have been best friends since freshman year of high school...and though we have lived far apart for so long, we some how still maintain our best friendship!! Friday morning we headed to downtown Atlanta. Our hotel was actually North of Atlanta in Alpharetta, GA. We went to the Aquarium and had a great time! Jeff and I had been there before when just he and I visited a few years ago, but we knew the kids would absolutely love it!!
MaKenna's highlight was that the Atlanta Falcon cheerleaders were there doing a pep rally in front of the whale shark tank. She got ponpoms and she even got an autographed 8x10 photo of the cheerleaders!! She STILL is talking about that!!!

After the aquarium we walked through Centennial Park and over to the CNN building.

The kids were fascinated with the CNN building. Not only is it CNN...but Cartoon Network is there they were in seventh heaven!! We had lunch there and checked out all of the interesting sites within the building. Phillips Arena where the Atlanta Thrashers (hockey) plays is connected to the CNN building. So we walked around that. We didn't get to see inside because they were getting ready for Disney on Ice....but...they enjoyed seeing what they did see!

Then...since I am a football fan, we ran over to the Georgia Dome to check out where the Falcon's play! We were told we could get inside...but all the doors were locked. We really didn't have much luck that day...but we still enjoyed ourselves nonetheless!! Sometimes I think the best vacations are the vacations that you don't have any plans on!!
So, then the kids wanted to ride the "Subway"...also known as MARTA in Atlanta. We bought roundtrip tickets so that we could just ride! Jeff and I weren't thrilled...but the kids sure were!!! They were sad when we had to get off...we had been on the darn thing for quite some time too!!!After that we started heading back to the Aquarium where the truck was parked. So we went through CNN building again, and back through Centennial Park. At the far side of the park we found a GREAT playground!! We ALL had a great time!!!! was off to Tator's Rehearsal.....

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