Saturday, October 10, 2009

My first Komen Presentation!

Tuesday night I was given the opportunity as a Susan G. Komen Speaker to speak at a DAR meeting (Daughters of the American Revolution). There were about 40 women there and they were all so very nice and very receptive. It was my first Komen Presentation so it was nice to have a smaller group of JUST women. Not all of the groups I will speak to will be JUST women, so it was kinda nice.

They served a meal also and I was included in that. It was a buffet style meal and I actually got to go FIRST!!! WOW!! That NEVER happens to a mom!!! I actually got first pick and THEN...and THEN I GOT TO EAT IT WHILE IT WAS STILL HOT!!!!! AND...AND I NEVER HAD TO GET UP TO GET SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE ELSE!!! It was ABSOLUTELY incredible!!!!!

So...I had a wonderful evening with the DAR women!! They gave me a book (If you know me, you KNOW I LOVE books), to thank me for speaking for them. I hope that my presentation was good for them...I think it went well.

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