Monday, October 26, 2009

The Big Day!! WEDDING DAY!!!

Getting Ready!!!
Tator decided to kidnap me Saturday morning so that I didn't have to stress out with the kids...which was slowly starting to happen! They started LITERALLY jumping off beds, etc, shortly before they came and got me...I was good and ready to be kidnapped!
I am not a HUGE fan of how I think I look when I get my hair professionally done, but I was told it looked great...which it did. She did a great bun in the back...I am just not used to seeing myself all done up. Up dos aren't my forte....but the experience was great. I RARELY get a pampering experience. They even did my makeup!! I HAVE NEVER had my makeup done for me before!! The makeup lady even went as far as waxing my eyebrows. Apparently my eyebrows weren't up to Atlanta standards...they were a bit bushy I will have to admit! :-)
Tator and her big sister Crystal. Tator and her mamma.
Tator and me.
Getting the veil put in.

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