Monday, October 26, 2009


Next stop...brides room. We were running about an hour and a half we were unable to get pictures before the wedding...but it worked out okay. We had thirty minutes to get the bride and everyone else dressed. We also had to get the flowers done...but thanks to all of the incredible bridesmaids, it got done!!! Here is a picture of my little princess flower girl! Here is the STUNNING bride and her equally stunning sister!
The bride and her little flower girl!

Some of the bridesmaids and one of the flower girls!
Sandwiched between the flower girls! Doesn't even look like me does it?
The most beautiful bride!
MaKenna LOVED Debbie and Crystal! She STILL is talking about her new friends Debbie and Crystal. In fact, she was spelling their names ALL the way home to Nebraska!! Then there is little grabby boy who loved to grab Debbies ta-ta's. What kind of little monster have I birthed?? :-) Here is the beautiful Debbie with Kenna!

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