Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MaKenna and sickies

Here is MaKenna getting MORE 5 year old birthday presents!!! She loves how her birthday is spread out!!!

So after a very busy weekend, which I will post more about later...my boys are sick. Cam woke up at 4am Monday morning with a high fever and he couldn't breathe. Ugh...I gave him a breathing treatment and slept on the couch with him. He stayed home from school Monday. Jeff stayed home too as I also wasn't feeling well. It is Tuesday, and I am doing better...but Cam is still really sick. I think he has the seasonal flu...I think I just have a cold...but while I was at bible study today (Jeff stayed home with Cam), the school called me and told me to come get Jake. So...I couldn't leave, I was training someone, so dad went and got him from school...because Jeff had gone into work shortly before thinking that I would be home in less than an hour...which I was, but I couldn't leave at that exact moment. So...thus is the life of a mother of four!

Jeff says Jake probably has H1N1 and Cam probably just has regular seasonal flu...then they will swap and get the opposite flu! THEN it will all hit us!! I HOPE NOT!!! We are SUPPOSED to be on our way for a REAL vacation to Atlanta in ONE WEEK!!! PRAY FOR US!!!!!

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