Saturday, July 31, 2010

Arizona Trip #9

It took us an hour and a half to get up to Lake Powell. It was sad as we were able to see some of the destruction that the fires had done. Other than that, it was a pretty drive as usual. The problem was, there is VERY little between Flag and Powell...and with four kids you almost ALWAYS have someone who needs the restroom....thank goodness for roadside bushes!

So, we got there and we got on the house boat. We had to stay on it docked the first night...then the next day we could take it out. Here is Major trying out the steering wheel on the top of the boat. It was a two story houseboat. Up on top was the "party" area if you want to call it that. The hot tub, the slide, the music, the lights, the sun recliners and the bar were all up there.
Here is Jeff and Cam coming back from the little store with lots of things to use for fishing.

The hot tub...the place that was MY personal favorite! Not that I needed the hot part of it...but I like the jets....the water recliners, etc.
The bar....with the TV!

Inside the boat we had a nice big living room, kitchen, dining room, four bedrooms and two full baths. Here is Jeff putting things away.
There were tv's in every room, upstairs and out on the front deck. We wouldn't have made it through the week without the kids' shows!!! Gotta keep them happy early in the morning!

Jake on one of the pull out couches.
Cam lounging on the other pull out couch.

Major trying out the captains chair...AGAIN!

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