Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cleaning my truck!!

I am working backwards because I am having trouble with they washed the car and Cam painted his desk....I got out the bubbles. I LOVE bubbles and so we have bubbles all over...each of them got their own container and own wand. They were in seventh heaven! Here is Major....whom you know from earlier an avid lover of bubbles!
Here is Kenna and Brooke.
This is when Cam started painting his desk red.
I had the kids clean the truck the other day. I was a little worried at first...but the actually did an EXCELLENT job! I had to give them direction though....once that was said and done, they did great!!! Here is Major and MaKenna. Here is Jake and MaKenna.

Here is Brooke cleaning like a mad woman! They were all SOAKING wet by the end of this!

Here is Kayla and Jake.

While they cleaned the truck....Cam and Shawn painted Cam's new (used) desk! The neighbors have 4 daughters who graduated from college this year. Yes...FOUR! There is a set of twins in there....and one of the daughters got her masters. Anyway....they had no need for this desk they gave it to Cam. I told him he could paint it any color. So he picked red.

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