Friday, July 23, 2010

Arizona Trip #3

After the party at the house, we headed down to the Country Club. That is where Jeff and I had our wedding reception! The kids get SO tired of me telling them that, EVERYTIME we go by! I do it to bug them!

It is only a short walk to the Country Club, so here is Holly and MaKenna....Holly and Mini Holly.... I had to snap a shot of Brandyn with his nephews!! Here is Jake, Brandyn, Jace and Cam....they love their Uncle Brandyn!

Cam is having some "Chicken Convo" here. Not sure what they are talking about...maybe dinner? Anyway....they had a petting zoo...a very MINI petting zoo there as you can see...they also had live music, horseshoes, face painting, bouncy's, hula a bit! No fireworks though due to the fires that engulfed Flagstaff just the week before.

Here is Cam, MaKenna and Jace checking out the goat....

He finally touched the chicken!

Danny, Cade, Major and Jeff touch a's simple know Jeff was envisioning a hunt right there.....

Had to throw in Mt. Elden!

Major had some bouncy time!

Did I mention that this was the Country Club that Jeff and I had our reception at 13 years ago???? is some of the grass that we stood in.....ahhh...memories!

Okay...enough of the walk down memory is MaKenna....and Major. MaKenna is TRULY a pro at Hula Hoop. She blows me AWAY! She had SEVERAL hoops going at once...and for a REALLY long time!!! She apparently knows how to shake her mamma...USED to....

We had a great time...but we headed back before dark. Remember....we were messed up on our time. 10 pm there was midnight to we were tired! Yes...we are getting old apparently!
On to the next day....the 5th...........

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