Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Things First, by Kurt and Brenda Warner

First Things First
Kurt and Brenda Warner

I was not asked to review this book....but I just read it...and I have to say it was INCREDIBLE! I was VERY impressed by what a quarterback and his wife could write!! These two people are on top of their game, literally!!

For those of you who DON'T know....first...crawl out from under your rock....second, Kurt Warner is the former quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. I say former because he SAYS he retired this year...we will see...maybe it will be like a Brett Favre thing. Anyway...his wife Brenda and him, sat down and wrote this book. Not about his career, not about the money they make, not even about football...but about the crazy life they lead as a family, how they cope, etc. They have 7 kids and they talk about how they handle discipline at the different age levels...how they handle couple time...how they handl...just life in general.

It is no secret that Kurt Warner is a Christian, which makes this book all the more appealing to me...but even if you are not a Christian, this book would be awesome for you. It covers so many different areas....as well as gives a glimpse into their history, etc. If you have ever been a Kurt Warner fan, by all means...this book is for you. I originally bought it for my dad....he loved it, and passed it on to me to read. I look forward to buying this book for my brother in laws for Christmas...or birthdays (shhhhhh sister in laws and sister)! It truly is a neat book, and I have no doubt that no matter the stage of life you are in...this book will amaze you! Definitely a good read!!!!

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