Thursday, July 1, 2010

The last Lacrosse game!

Whew! We had hockey season...then we had Lacrosse AND we have NOTHING for a time anyway! Well...except MaKenna who still has figure skating...but it will be nice to be home those 3 extra nights a week! The boys were on different teams...but for their last game, the teams played eachother. Cam's team is to make it fair, the split the teams so that some of the older guys went with the younger guys! It was fun to watch! Dad was there...Tini and Matt and Dixie and Tanner. BOTH boys got goals....but Cam got a little check happy! He is excited to start checking this year in Pee Wee he must be getting prepared. He laid Jake out on the field and knocked the breath out of him...had to stop the game. Then...about 2 minutes later he laid yet ANOTHER kid out....had to stop the game.
Cam is number 9 red.

This is Cam.
Jake is the small one on the left with the black helmet on.

Jeff is in the red shirt....yes...he also coached lacrosse. Crazy man....

Major getting funny with Matt....never a dull moment with Major around!

Afterward they had a swim party at the neighborhood pool right there by the field. I went home to clean and get ready for our trip to AZ tomorrow...but the kids all stayed with daddy and had a fantastic time!!!! I got all the bathrooms cleaned AND the entryway! I had a fantastic...or at least productive, time too!!!!

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