Thursday, July 22, 2010

Arizona Trip #2

The day after we got there, it was time to celebrate the birthday of the Nation AND the birthday of Grandad Holbrook who turned 88 on the 4th!!! We also celebrated Uncle Danny's birthday who turned 35 on the 30th of June. We had LOTS of is the birthdayUncle with Major. If you remember from previous posts, Major LOVES here is Major showing off his bubble ability to Great-Grandad Holbrook!!

If you happen to notice the Lei's, Aunt Holly went with a Hawaiian theme! We had to have SOME decoration...right? After a WONDERFUL lunch, we had a water balloon fight! Here is Danny and Holly doing the filling up...with Jace...ready to go!
The grandma's decided to stay in the safe zone and just watch from a safe distance. Here you see Caitlin's grandma Jane, Grandma Filleman and Grandma Holbrook.
Grandpa Jerry was protecting little Major from any water harm. Needless to say, I think pretty much ALL of us got wet one way or another!

We also had a pinata! That was fun! Cade, Major, Jace and MaKenna went first...and in that order (by age). Here is Major taking his turn. Jake was after MaKenna and he just hammered it! Out came the goodies! We let Cam have his turn though get even more of the goodies out!
Here are the birthday boys in their birthday hats! Danny and Grandad Holbrook. In front of them is the cupcake flag cake that Holly made! The chocolate cupcakes were eggfree! Way to go Aunt Holly!

Here is almost all of us!!!!

The boys....Danny, Jeff, Grandad and Major. Major was looking forward to wearing the birthday hat.
Jeff, Grandad, Holly and MaKenna.

Jeff and Grandad.

Cam and Uncle Brandyn. Notice the Tostito's sitting in front of Cam? He can eat a bag of those in one setting...he just LOVES those chips!
Here is Caitlin's mom Bev and Jeff's mom Gwin.

More of the bubbles...Major, Jace and MaKenna. You don't see a lot of pictures of Cade from this day because he fell down and went boom on his face. He slept for a LONG time.

Major, Jace and MaKenna...great buddies!!!
MaKenna ready to do the Hula!

Here is the spectacula Flag Cupcake Cake that Holly made for the birthday boys and the birthday nation!
More pics and stories to come later....we did go up to the Country Club for the 4th festivities later on....I will post on this later. I gotta go to bed....

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