Thursday, July 29, 2010

Arizona Trip #7

So after we hiked Walnut Canyon we drove down a few more exits to a spot that Jeff used to camp and hunt. It is also Walnut Canyon...just not the National Park. Jeff said this was a great spot to find pottery...not intact of course...but broken up pieces of pottery. He said some friends how found arrowheads there, but he never had and he always wanted we were scouting for pottery and arrowheads! In the meantime we found a lot of deer and elk tracks and this little buddy!!!! We named him Thorn. He was a Horny Toad Lizard.
He actually was very sweet. We found another on our way out...and yes...we had to keep them. Thus is the life of a mother of boys. "Luckily" we had a tupperware in the back of the truck that had had grapes in it. It was a perfect habitat for them until we got to grandma's house. Once we were at Grandma's, she took the boys to Walmart and bought a nice habitat for them that could be portable...because obviously if we were going to take them back to Nebraska, they had to make it to Lake Powell first. Sadly, Horn and Thorn died on the very last day that we were at Lake Powell. Whether it was the fire ants that Cam fed them that killed them, or something else, I don't know...but they are now resting in peace at Lake Powell. :-( That is NOT the end of the lizard story though....more to come later....

So here is a pictuer of the other side of Walnut Canyon.
Jeff and the kids really got a kick out of searching for things. And everyone found pottery pieces...but no arrowheads. I even found a piece that had painting on it. Very cool! Major also hit a milestone out there. He finally learned how to pee on a bush!! He would NEVER do it before...he would just cry in pain because he had to go so bad. He absolutely WOULD not pee on a tree. What changed his mind? Nature called out to me....and when he saw me squat...he thought it might be okay for him to stand and pee! :-)

Major saying, "Up mommy, up!!"

Here is another friend...but we did not take him home...he was too speedy...don't think they didn't try though!!!
The following day, Wednesday we left for Lake Powell!!! Stay tuned!!!!!!

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