Sunday, July 18, 2010

Arizona Trip #1

Hey all!! I know it has been awhile....I have been in when I got home I had 650 e-mails to sift through...and I have been busy over at my other blog doing reviews and giveaways. If you are missing out on the reviews and giveaways, make sure you get on over there to!! I just had a professional redo the blog for me because I am computer dumb. She does blogs for a living. Luckily I won her services...otherwise I never would have been able to afford her. It isn't up yet...but it will be soon. The theme is Hockey moms and Breast Cancer Awareness. Should be very cool when it is done.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the Arizona trip. My computer is OOBER slow right now for whatever I will only do a post or two at a it may take all week to get through the whole Arizona trip and pictures!

The drive out was uneventful...other than the stupid fact that I was having allergy I decided to take a Zyrtec. Apparently the MAY cause drowsiness...DID cause drowsiness. DUH! So, I REALLY struggled on my shift. I had to pull over in Pueblo at a gas station and take a 15 minute snooze. That helped a lot...then I was off again. I drove from midnight until about 7am...then Jeff took over again until 9 or so....then I drove for another hour or two, and he drove us into Flagstaff at about 11 their time. We left here at 6pm Nebraska we made really good time...they are two hours we really got in at 1 our it took us about 19 hours. That is about right!

So when we got there, I took a shower and a nap...a nice LONG nap. This is what the kids did....MaKenna, Major and their cousin Jace watched TV...whild cousin Cade, Cam and Jake hung out outside.
Later there was some baseball....Filleman style. Yes,...Jake has a mohawk.
Here is Cade doing what he does best...SMILE!!!
Here is Jace and Cade's mommy and daddy, Danny and Caitlin. I had to make a joke because it was SO beautiful outside...maybe lower 70's, upper 60's, and Caitlin had a heavy winter jacket on! WHAT??!?! I guess Nebraska HAS thickened my blood!! Looking back on when I lived in Phoenix, I can say, I do remember wearing heavy winter COATS to the bus stop. It was probably in the 50's or something in the morning. Here...if it is in th 50's I am lovin' it!!! :-)
Stay tuned for more pictures. We stayed with Holly and Brandyn this time out in Bellmont. That is about 15 minutes west of Flagstaff. I don't know if they will EVER let us stay with them again though....the kids just made their non kid house a mess. I was paranoid that something would break. One morning Jake woke up with a terrible bloody nose that he got all over the nice new couch. The next morning he woke up and had wet the bed...or in this case, the couch. Ugh...sorry Holly and Brandyn...when you guys have kids, you are welcome to bring them to our house and do whatever they need to do! :-) Of then our house will be in such shambles, it probably won't matter!
Anyway, so that first night we went to Holly's and turned in early. Uncle Brandy has an X-box, so the boys were in heaven. I didn't want to give up on my exercising though so I DID get up early and go running. Proud of me? :-) Unfortunately, my clock in my body is set for 7:30 Nebraska time...which is 5:30 Arizona time. So...sure enough...5:30 and my eyes popped open. I couldn't sleep after that for the life of me. Might as well get up and go running. I really enjoyed running in her neighborhood. The first day was tough because I wasn't used to the altitude...but every day got a little easier. By the time we left Flagstaff my lungs didn't burn anymore from running! I had to chuckle though for the same reason....when I was running I was in my shorts and tank top...LOVIN' the beautiful morning fresh air. Others were outside with their dogs bundled up in sweats and heavy winter coats! TOO FUNNY! Bunch of pansies!! :-)
I did stop at a couple houses on my runs that were for sale. Just wanted to look at the flier and see how the economy on housing was doing out there. Yup...still can't move back!! Yikes! They want double for their houses that we paid for this house and they are half the size. Go figure. their defense, they are newer houses...but still.....
More later! Gotta go to bed.....

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