Monday, August 2, 2010

Arizona Trip #10

The next day, we left the dock. We traveled about 2 hours up the lake...yes Lake Powell is THAT big.
We camped in Dungeon was a great beach...great area for hiking, swimming, sliding and just all around was great!!

Here is what Jeff did a majority of the trip...he wasted no time getting out there with his rod and reel. Nothing soothes on a hot day like a popsicle!

Jeff's first catch!

Danny and Caitlin brought this great floaty for all of us. We had a lot of relaxing moments on it.

Here is Jake and Cam, swimming, and Major and Grandpa Jerry on the jetski!

Here is a picture of MaKenna coming off the slide....with Aunt Holly and Jace ready to catch her!

The slide was a hit as always. Here is Cam coming off the slide with Jake trying to get away!

This trip, Jake was the first off the slide. Last year, he wouldn't go until the last day, and even then Aunt Holly had to pay him $10! This year...there was no fear!! What a difference a year can make!
MaKenna was just as gutsy as always...that girl has NO fear!


Here is Grandpa Jerry and Major again.....Major didn't like to go very fast. I went on with him once, and if I pulled the throttle even a smidge, he would take one hand off and cover his eyes!!

Here is the front of our boat after we docked...Holly is on the front there, Jeff and Lincoln the dog....

Here is the whole thing....the Filleman Folly Houseboat, 2010.

More to come...we had 5 days there!!!!! Stay tuned!!!!!

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