Friday, June 26, 2009

We're Off!

Well, we are off to Arizona! I may be updating while there...but who knows. I may be having just too much fun to sit down at the computer!!!!

We are headed straight to Flagstaff. We will stay there a few days, then we will head to Lake Powell...Jeff's favorite place. The Filleman family rented a house boat for a few days. We will have the house boat....Holly (Jeff's sister) has her boat for water sports...I am not sure, but Jeff's dad and mom may bring up their boat and jet ski also...and I think I heard from a little birdie that Jeff's brother has a new boat he wants to show off at the lake too! :-) So we will have lots of places to play, relax, etc! We are looking forward to the nice sandy beaches...beautiful water and canyons....try not to hate us.... :-)

In the mean time...Lisa and my dad will be taking care of Peanut. It looks like she is not going to have her baby before we leave. :-( in prayer for my dad and Lisa. :-)

Have a GREAT 4th of July!!!! Be safe!!!!!

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