Sunday, June 7, 2009

Peanut and the Royals!

We had a great end of the week. Especially with our new addition. I think we had just about every neighbor kid over on Friday. My nieces and nephew were over for the day they had a lot of fun with Peanut. She did really well on her first night on our "farm". It was like Christmas at our house Friday morning though. The kids were out of bed, dressed and outside with Peanut before Jeff and I even got up at 7:30! Anyway, here is a picture of my niece Brooke riding Peanut with her big brother Shawn leading her. Here is a picture of MaKenna on Peanut. She does so well now that she doesn't even need help riding her. She just gets on and goes!
Here is Peanut coming out of her Corral that Jeff built for her. Now...we don't have a stable for her in our back yard yet...and bad weather was coming, so Friday night Jeff and Cam took her out to our friends house in Gretna. She has a barn and pasture. Peanut LOVES it out there. Pictures of that to come!

So, Friday night, MaKenna, Major, Jake, Tini, Dixie, Tanner, and my sister and her family all went to an Omaha Royals game! Thanks to my good friend Allyson for getting us tickets through her husbands workplace! Here is my sweet little MaKenna.

Here is Kenna, Brooke and my sister Rhonda at the game.

Here is Shawn, Kayla and Jake.

Major is such a ham!!!
Omaha lost 4-7. We had a great time though!! There were fireworks after and Major REALLY enjoyed them!! He ooohhhhed and aaaahhhhhed over them!!! It was about midnight before we got home and in bed though, so they were all very sleepy and they all slept in Saturday morning!!!!

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