Friday, June 12, 2009

Strawberry Pickin' and more

This week was a busy one!!! The kids had Vacation Bible School all week from 5-8 at Community Bible Church here in Omaha. They absolutely LOVED it! We had quite a few friend guests come with us as well. So many in fact that we had to take two vehicles almost each night to get them all there and home! The church fed the kids dinner and everything. One night, Jeff and I even ventured to a new Mexican restaurant...with Major (he wasn't old enough to go to VBS this year)...and my niece Brooke. She was a little scared to go to VBS, so we just took her with us. Then Jeff and I headed out to see Peanut. It was nice not having to hear, "I HAVE TO GO NUMBER TWO", two minutes after we arrive at the stable. :-)

So Tuesday we went pickin' strawberries at the Bellevue Berry Patch.
I specifically chose Tuesday to go because Jim Flowers from channel 6 said it would not rain. It was overcast, but Jim said, no rain, so we went anyway. We were there for 10 minutes and it started to sprinkle. That's okay...a little rain never hurt anyone...UNTIL IT STARTED COMING DOWN TORRENTIALLY!!! IT WAS LIKE A HURRICANE OUT THERE WITHOUT THE WIND! It was NUTS! We ran for cover...we were SOAKING wet. There was a play place there that the kids were just dying to play on, but...the lightning started and I made the executive decision to go back another day. We did get quite a few strawberries though! Of course, Jeff and I are the only ones that will eat them, but hey, it spruces up our salads rather nicely!!

Wednesday we took our weekly run to the library. The kids love going to the library...hopefully it is because they have inherited my love of reading and books. Major also had his 18 month check up. Yup! 18 months!!! Can you believe it? He is looking great. He is average height, 15th percentile for weight at 25 pounds, and he has a big head. He is in the 75th percentile for head size. But...the doctor said it was to house that HUGE brain of his! :-) Yeah...that's why he isn't talking yet? :-) He DOES babble...but no actual speech that WE can understand. He always gets what he wants of the 5 of us will give him what he wants when he points and grunts...screams...or cries. I guess we could be enabling him not to speak? :-~ Poor kid got 3 shots...but he is done now with shots until Kindergarten!
Thursday we went to a spraypark here in Omaha. It was really nice. The kids had a great time. Once again Jim flowers told us it would be too cool Thursday for water play. So, we just went to the sand would be too cold remember? It was HOT! So, I let the kids play in the spray park with their clothes on and they just went home soaking wet...again. I am seeing a trend here. Oh well...all this stuff makes for great memories...right?
Today it was raining so hard that they cancelled BMX. So we went out to see baby yet...then came home, I had made a couple pizzas, and we ate them with tv trays in the living room while watching a movie! That was THE BEST to the kids! It takes SO little to please them sometimes!! That is the trick though. We always try SO hard to please our kids with elaborate things...but sometimes it is the simplest of things that they love and will remember forever.

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