Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fried to a crisp!

It is HOT here...just down right HOT! I can take 110 in Phx over this stuff ANYDAY! I HATE humidity!! It has been almost 100 here with almost 90% humidity! It has been stuffy and awful to say the least! ICK! We went to the pool the other day...and that was even almost unbearable. I was great and putting lotion on the kids....and me...but I can't reach my back well....sorry, I am not double jointed...Jake rubbed it in...I THOUGHT. Apparently he didn't do a good job and I am just FRIED! I hurt SO bad. I can hardly sleep, clothes hurt, showers hurt, it just hurts! ICK! No more pool this week!!

We leave Friday evening for Arizona. Some sweet relief from the horrible humidity! We will be gone for almost 2 weeks, so don't fret if I don't blog! I actually still might be able to. I am thinking about bringing my laptop! I just can't stay away from blogging! It's for the kids...they will have a really cool record of our going on's some day!! :-)

Anyway, I am a bit stressed getting ready for the trip. The more kids you have, the harder it is to get ready. Shopping, library, banks, appointments, stop the mail, stop the paper, the horse, the dogs...etc...etc. Luckily dad will be taking care of 90% of that while we are gone! Peanut STILL hasn't had her I think it is going to be up to Lisa and my dad to help with the new little rascal. I have more to say...but too much to get done....see ya!


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