Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Children's Museum

We have a SUMMER OF FUN list hanging on our fridge. It is a list of all the fun things we want to do this summer. We went to the library the other day...that is on our list, but that is a recurring one....we also have Children's Museum in Omaha on our we went today! First of all...I have to say, I USED to have a membership when I was homeschooling. Last year though we didn't go enough to hardly PAY for the membership, so I didn't renew this year. In years past it didn't always cost extra for the traveling exhibits they have had....but apparently that has changed. Now...I am just grumbling to grumble...the kids had a GREAT time...but as a parent, with financial concerns, I am going to grumble. It cost me $24 to get in...and that was with $1 off each person coupons. THEN they wanted $4 per person for the Sesame Street Exhibit, and THEN they wanted $2 per person for the Horse Carasoul (however you spell that). I am sorry...but I wasn't ABOUT to spend $16 MORE dollars to get in to Sesame Street unless it was the REAL Sesame Street. I had ALREADY told Jeff I would ONLY spend $24...I didn't feel right spending more than what I had told him. Not only that, but I had looked on the website to MAKE SURE that Sesame Street wasn't extra money...and NO WHERE ON THE SITE DID I SEE IT SAY IT WAS EXTRA. Could I have missed it...of course, I am a mom of four...but I looked hard. I told them that their website didn't say it cost extra but they still said I had to pay if we wanted Sesame Street. :-(So, we played in the kid area with the grocery store and the little house and slide...then we went to the dress up area...then the ball area. THAT WAS IT! I am sorry...but the Children's Museum I grew up in actually had educational things in it...not just play things. The play things were great...don't get me wrong...but for those three areas I paid $24 and my kids would have had just as much fun at McDonalds in their play area AND I would have been able to get them all lunch. Later my friend Emily, who did go upstairs to the Sesame Street Exhibit called and said that it was SOO not worth it. I think I will do the Children's Museum in Lincoln which I have heard by multiple people is SO much better AND cheaper I might add...a lot more bang for your buck from what I am told. Anyway, now that that is off my are some pictures! :-)

Major went down on his tummy for awhile, but eventually he did go down on his bum bum.

My farm boys!

My little shopper...

All four of them are in the above picture...Jake and Cam "Work" at the grocery store, MaKenna is buying and Major is standing next to Cam trying to "boss" him around. :-)

Major stood here with this ONE water gun for almost 20 minutes...NO KIDDING!

Cam as Father Nature, as he calls it...

Is it any surprise that MaKenna would pick the unicorn?

And any surprise that Jake would pick the Shark...with a car??

Cam went back to the store to "work" again. He said, "What? I feel like a kid again!" I said, "YOU ARE A KID!! DON'T TRY TO GROW UP TOO FAST!!!!"

Major had to get in on the action.

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