Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bubble Gum

I love the movie Forrest Gump. Who doesn't, honestly? I love the soundtrack too...but now I am getting off the subject. We used to always call Cam Bubba....we never did Jake much...obviously not MaKenna...but Major I have found that I call him Bubba a lot. But...for whatever reason, I have been calling him Bubba Gump. You know...from Forrest Gump. He and his friend Bubba were starting a Shrimping business. They called it Bubba Gump shrimp. So, I call Major Bubba Gump quite often actually. A couple of nights ago Makenna said, "Mommy...why do we call Major Bubble Gum?" I had no response....I could do nothing but laugh. Poor thing. She is still calling him bubble gum!

By the way, while I was looking for a picture of Forrest and Bubba...I found out that there really IS a BubbaGump Shrimp company...inspired by the movie!

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