Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Friends' babies

Hi all! I have a couple of prayer requests for friends' babies. First, my friend Gloria is experiencing her 5th or 6th pregnancy. She has two children. The other pregnancies were misscarriages and one was an early birth and baby Deana did not survive. She is pregnant again and is experiences similar problems with this pregnancy. She is REALLY stressed as you can imagine. Please be in prayer for her and for her unborn baby.

The second friend is from my Mops group. Her baby, Evie, is growing normally everywhere but her arms, legs and rib cage. Because her ribs aren't growing, they don't think she will survive after birth. Here is the update we got from Lindsey today:

Hi Friends and Fam,

We had another doctors appointment yesterday, thought we'd send out an update. Things look just about the same. Evie is growing, still a little small, arms and legs are still very small, rolling around like crazy making it impossible to take measurements (: We had a good talk with the doctor about the delivery process, and it looks like I may not have to have a c-section. He recommends that I deliver normally, since it would be in my best interest. He said I could be induced as early as 37 weeks (end of September), depending on how we feel about it at that time. We will see as the pregnancy continues. She will stay with us all of the time after she is born and after she passes we can continue to have the time we need with her.

We spent the afternoon at the cemetery. I have a lot of family buried at Westlawn-Hillcrest cemetery on 57th & Center. I went out with my mom to look at the plots our family already has, and took John and Lyla out in the afternoon. She will be buried alongside John and I, my parents, my mom's parents, and my grandma's parents. We really felt a burden lifted knowing where she will be and that she will be surrounded by family. I am planning on spending some more time there, to get used to the place and spend some time with God preparing my heart.

I am somehow finding it easy to make the logical decisions that we are facing. Praise God for His strength. We could use prayers in relation to sleep, rest, and emotional peace of mind. When I think about letting her go, I can hardly hold myself together. Sometimes I feel like the next 3-4 months will be so long and hard, and at other times I am grateful for the time we have together. I am going to deeply miss her when she's gone, I think I am only feeling a small piece of how hard it's going to be.

Your prayers, emails, cards, hellos, etc. rain down on us as blessings from the Lord. I will never get tired of hearing "we are praying for you" and it has never meant so much. I know God has allowed me to be weak at times and strong at times because of the work he is doing in our lives. My doctor, counselor, John, Lyla, mom, dad, grandparents, sisters, and friends continue to support me in ways I hoped they would never have to, but selflessly do anyway.

I am going to attach an ultrasound pic from a few weeks ago so you can see her sweet face (:

Thanks everyone,
Lindsey, John, Lyla & Evie.

Please be in prayer for them. This is a very difficult time...I can't even imagine what either of these women are going through. All I know is that God is with them...He is right beside them holding their hands. Kinda makes our problems seem so trivial doesn't it?

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