Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Peanut and Kenna

Back to Peanut again! She is getting more blog time then the kids!!! Still no baby, but when we went out there this afternoon MaKenna and I tried something new. I french braided her looks beautiful by the way... :-) and then...instead of the bow...which broke when it was stepped on (it was actually a barrette), we picked purple flowers ( of MaKenna's fave colors) and put them all along the top of her mane. I just weaved the stems in. She looked really pretty!! She probably had about 15 purple flowers woven through the top of her mane! I didn't take any pictures though. :-(

I did take a picture of MaKenna on the monkey bars in our back yard! She has made it across!!!

I'm SO proud of my little girl!!! She was very excited!!! She does it ALL the time now!!! Notice...she is in purple...AGAIN!! :-)

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