Sunday, March 14, 2010


HI ALL!!! THE TOURNAMENT IS OVER...AT LEAST FOR OUR BOYS!!! Jeff, MaKenna and Jake are still at the rink watching the championship game. Major, Cam, and Shawn and I came home to eat and rest! The whole time change thing gets me EVERY year! That's alright...I'll get back to normal by tomorrow! :-)

So they won their game today!!! YIPPEE!! But...they still ended the season in 5th place. Not too least it isn't last. There were 7 teams total. The other Gladiator team is playing for the we are pretty proud of them! A lot of those boys are on Cam and Shawns Select Gladiator team. Jake and Cam both hustled incredibly well! I was so proud of them both!!!

So....they have ONE more Friendship game on Tuesday night....then hockey is DONE for the season!! DONE I SAY!!!!!!

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