Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Papa's 65th birthday

Well....I have no know why....but my sister took tons of pictures...I am just waiting for her to e-mail them to me...hint...hint Rhonda.......

So this post will have no pictures, but I will post pictures as soon as I get them....hint...hint Rhonda...... :-)

Sunday the 21st, was my dad's 65th birthday! He doesn't look a day over 45, and he acts like a 35 year old! We had a good weekend with him! Saturday Rhonda and I took him to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch....well...Rhonda took him....I just went along. It is only right for the oldest child to pay right?? :-) Anyway, it was a very good lunch....very filling with fantastic company! After good food and good conversation we went back to dad's house. We went through all of my mom's jewelry because we hadn't done that since she died. Then dad showed us a box of old pictures of mom's family. That was a lot of fun to see some of these pictures that dated back to the VERY early 1900's.

Rhonda and I both had to leave by 4 because we had commitments that night....but it was a very nice....quiet (ie no kids) day.

Sunday (dad's actual birthday) we went to church and then headed to the ice rink. heard me right....the ice rink. We CHOSE to go to the ice rink and there was no hockey. Go figure. was family skate. Rhonda, Mike and their kids were there and Papa too! We all went skating...including Major. Major had a rough time at first, crying, and whining...but after awhile he started to enjoy himself and started doing really well for a 2 year old! Once my foot cramps went away I finally enjoyed myself too! :-) Papa had fun too...though yesterday he was saying that he felt the effects of ice skating! We determined that he had not been on ice skates since I was 9 years old!!! We used to go to Clackamas Mall in Portland, OR and go ice skating...they had an indoor ice skating rink. That was the last time he went! He said he skated a lot when he was a kid on the Blue River....but otherwise he hadn't skated since 1984! He did REALLY good! He did fall once though! :-) He was leaning over to pick something off of the ice and down he went. I know better than to do that....apparently he wasn't thinking! :-)

After the rink we went to dad's house and had spaghetti and bread sticks, then of course DESSERT!! Everything was delicious and we had a great day!!!! Happy 65th birthday dad!!!!!

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