Monday, March 8, 2010

The Midwest Hockey Tournament

What a CRAZY weekend we had!! We left Friday afternoon. We packed and pickup the boys from school at around 1pm. Off we went to Kansas City. As much as I dislike Kansas City, I must say...the weather was FANTASTIC! It has been awhile since I got to go outside with nothing but my t-shirt on...well...and pants too...but you know what I mean! NO COAT!! It was great!!

Friday night Cam (and Jeff) had a game. Jake had a pizza party with his team at their hotel. The Squirts and the Mites stayed in different hotels. My sister and her family stayed with the Mites and we stayed with the Squirts...since Jeff is the coach. So Jeff and Cam dropped us off at the Mites hotel for the pizza party. Jake, myself, MaKenna and Major hung out with the team, and Rhonda and Kayla and Brooke. The kids had a TON of fun....while Rhonda and I just had headaches!! :-) It was a lot of fun for the kids...just a tad chaotic. There were a LOT of kids and their parents crammed into a small room....therefore, lots of noise...lots of accidents...among other things. But I won't bore you with those details! After the game, (they WON) Cam and Jeff came back to the Mites hotel and picked us up. We were all ready to go. Major had developed a fever of 102.5....and Jake was complaining of a bad tummy ache (he often gets tummy aches when he eats sweets or "junk" in general at night.) Rhonda to the rescue though! She had Tylenol that we gave to Major before the party started and Ibuprofen that we gave him after the party...then she even had Pepto for Jake!! What a great big sister!! We headed back to the hotel and I went to the work out room, while Jeff took the kids to the pool. Yes...I have been working out 6 nights a week...I have been losing weight and doing very well with staying on task so I couldn't quit just because I was gone. Anyway, that night was tough because Major was up crying A LOT and Jeff's snoring was enough to wake our entire floor...AND...I had taken a Tylenol PM to drown out his snoring. Or course...I took it PRIOR to Major getting up and crying a majority of the I was pretty miserable...and VERY groggy the next morning.

Saturday we got up, ate breakfast downstairs (gotta love free breakfast buffets!), and then we had to go to Walmart. Why? Well...on the way out of the house Friday night, Major handed Jeff his shoes and said, "Shoes daddy." Jeff said, "You don't need your shoes, you're just getting in the truck for a long drive." We stopped at St. Joe, MO and I said, "Jeff I am taking Major to the bathroom...where are his shoes." Jeff's eyes got really big...woops. So...we had to go to Walmart for shoes....and we got Pepto for Jake, and more Tylenol and Ibuprofen for Maj. We came home from Walmart and Major and I BOTH crashed for the next two hours. It was WONDERFUL! I usually HATE naps for me because I wake up feeling worse...but not this time! I woke up feeling very well rested! I felt great!

So, we woke up and headed to Cam's game. They lost this one...but it was a good game! As soon as that game was over we had to rush over to the other rink where Jake's team was playing. Yup...that's right...the Mites and the Squirts stayed in different hotels and played at different rinks. It was very confusing! Jeff was able to watch this game...and they WON! Jake's team had been undefeated the whole season!!! They would then go to the CHAMPIONSHIP game on Sunday!!! After the game we headed back to the hotel. Jeff went to get dinner from BK, Cam watched the kids in the hotel room, and I went to the exercise room. After exercising and eating, I took the kids to the pool, while Jeff went to a parent meeting. We had fun at the pool! We stayed until they kicked us out at closing time.

Sunday morning we got up, got packed, ate breakfast and headed to Jake's rink. Jeff was able to stay long enough to tie his skates for him, but then him, Cam, Mike and Shawn took off in Mike's van to Cam's rink. Rhonda and I, Major, MaKenna and Brooke stayed with Jake and Kayla for their game. This was the CHAMPIONSHIP game!!! We were SOOOO excited!! To make matters better, our team scored two goals all within the first 40 seconds of the game!!!! But....things changed after that. They were either ahead or tied with the opposing team the whole game...until the very end...when one of our players accidentely tipped the puck into our their team the winning point. :-( Whose to say we would have won anyway....if it weren't for that goal, we would have had a shoot out...and maybe we wouldn't have won anyway...I don't know...but the kids were devastated. Nobody blamed that particular player, but they were all devastated to say the least. The locker room was full of a bunch of crying little boys...and one girl. I felt so bad for them. They went the WHOLE season undefeated. They got trophy's though for getting Runner Ups in the tournament for Mites!

So, Rhonda and I rushed to get to the other rink. We made it to that rink when Cam and Shawn were in their 3 period. On the drive over we were told it was 5-1....not in our favor. By the time we got there it was 5-4 I was a lot closer. Cam had pulled his groin in the game on Saturday and had a bit of a limp....I wasn't sure he would play well...but he really turned it on!! In fact only a few short minutes after getting there I saw him go down and get a goal that tied up the game!!! He also had an assist in that game...but I am not sure that I saw that one. Anyway....they ended up losing...but they came back from behind....and they only lost by one point I believe! They did great!! They got 4th in the tournament for Squirts! No trophy's. The boys were pretty upset...but they had a great season as well!! was time to head home. We were home by 6:30 pm. It was a quick trip....and it was fun....but it was a little crazy! Hockey Select is now done for the season. We have two more weeks of Hockey House teams. In fact, this weekend we have a house tournament here in Omaha. Cam and Jake play on the same house team...which Jeff is coaching. They have games on Saturday at 9:45, 12:15 and 6:15 if anyone is interested! They have games Sunday too...but I won't know those times until we see what they do on Saturday.

I don't have any pictures....because as you camera is lost in the snow I have been taking still pictures with my video camera....guess what? It decided to break while we were there. As soon as my sister posts her pictures, I will post some here for you. Bummer huh? Jeff says absolutely no more camera's for me! So...I have been entering the Sears $1,000 giveaway daily! WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!! :-)

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