Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

TOP O' THE MORNIN' TO YA!!! it is no longer morning...but I have found myself happily saying that to everyone today!! The accent was REALLY sad...but it was fun to say!!!!!

Hope you all had a fantastic Saint Patty's Day!!

I had Mops this morning, and I babysat my little Samantha....then the boys had their yearly checks today. What was with Jake at the Doc's office...I will never know. He was quite a verbal little man. Dr. Pat said, " that is why you want to make sure you always have helmets on when you ride your bike." Jake raises his hand. "Yes Jake." Jake says, "One time, my mom bought a house because it was on sale." WHAT? Where did you pull that one out of??? Yes...I...WE did buy a house...because it was FOR sale. why did you choose to say this during a talk about helmets?? Okay....Dr. Pat just laughed as usual. Dr. Pat is an awesome Dr. We love him to death!! He takes everything that kids say with a grain of salt! Anyway...once Dr. Pat realized that Jake goes "commando" almost all the time...and was commando today, he said, " need to have a house for your boys Jake." Too funny! Then Jake told Dr. Pat...again...out of the blue...that dad cusses. WHAT???? I don't think so Jake. "Yes huh mom...he said the "C" word." The C word??? "You mean Crap?" DEEP BREATH IN. "MOM!!!!!" I explained that it wasn't really a BAD word pre se...we just didn't like to use didn't sound nice. So, then in typical Dr. Pat fashion when he was feeling Jake's tummy he said, "No crap in there!" DEEP BREATH IN. "DR. PAT!" Too funny! We all got a good laugh out of that.

Cam's exam was uneventful. He is such a tween. I did find out why he is eating me out of house and home though. GROWTH SPURT TIME!!!!

Then there is Major. Who was NOT getting an exam...but had to do EVERYTHING that the brothers did after they did it. For example. When the boys bent over in front of Dr. Pat to see their backs, he also had to have Dr. Pat feel his back while bending over. He basically got an exam that we didn't pay for...he had to have his ears, eyes, nose, throat looked at, his heart and lungs listened name it. Luckily...he is currently in good are the big boys. Since he was getting it all done...MaKenna had to have a piece of the "pie" she got a 'free' exam too! Also healthy currently! Whew! When Dr. Pat was listening to Cam's heart we were all quiet....that was a rarity....and we heard someone pass a large amount of gas. Major giggled and goes, "I toot!" I said, "Major...did you toot?" He goes, "YIP!" We all had to laugh after that! life...never a dull moment!!

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