Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jake's pictures from Kansas City

Here are some pictures of Jake playing hockey from the Kansas City weekend. Like I mentioned before...I have no camera...none anymore. :-( So I am relying on my sister. These are pictures of Jake, the ones of Cam I still have to download off of Walgreens so I can share them with you. So here are Jake...and my niece Kayla's pictures! Jake is number 19 (Jeff's old high school hockey number) and Kayla is the only girl goalie...well the only girl at all...out there!

Jake is the one on his knees trying for the goal.
Jake is the one in the back not usual....

I don't see Jake in this picture with the trophy...but Kayla is the long haired blonde!
Jake in the line up with their individual trophy's...he is the one with glasses.

Jake on the far right...not looking at the camera...again....
Best buds and best cuz's.

Getting their medals at the Valentine's tournament.
This picture is actually from Valentine's Day too. When the kids were done playing, they gave the mom's pink roses! Very sweet! Especially since my man was galavanting around Colorado...okay...not galavanting...he was coaching hockey...but still!!!

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