Thursday, March 4, 2010

99 Ways to Entertain your family for free!!

I just realized I have TOTALLY forgotten to post on this in a very long time!!! Sorry! So....before I go and do my Denise Austin exercise....I thought I would post a couple real quick!!! Here you go!

Show Time

Playact Bible Stories, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and adventure stories. The best choices are whatever the kids have recently read themselves or listened to and enjoyed. Improvise a stage...grab a few simple items...practic the scenes...but the point is just to have fun, no perfection. You could even invite an audience!!!

Establishing a Read Aloud Routine

A regular read aloud time can become one of the most cherished experiences of childhood. During read aloud time, some children are content to sit and listen, but many aren't. So here are some ground rules.

-While listening, you can pursue other things...drawing, playing with a toy quietly, as long as it's quiet and not distracting.
-Only the reader questions and comments for afterwards.

Test a few different books to see what your family enjoys most.
Then enjoy the book together!!!!

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