Saturday, March 13, 2010

Last tournament of the hockey season!

Today started the last hockey tournament for the season! The Select teams are done...they were done last weekend, but this tournament is for the House teams. The nice thing about THIS House team is that Cam and Jake play on the same team! YIPPEE!! My nephew Shawn plays on the team too! makes it much easier on mom! :-) Unfortunately though, the House team isn't quite as good as the Select they lost two games today, but they DID win one!! Cam got a goal in the one that they won....AND...they even scored a goal when they had two men in the penalty box! It was 3 on 5....and we STILL got a goal! :-) So proud of my boys! Go Gladiator 1 Team!! Tomorrow we play at 9:30 (Sunday)....that will be the deciding game to see if we get 5th or 6th place. I doesn't sound good...but it is better than being at the VERY bottom...right?????? to bed I go! Don't forget, Daylight Saving's Time starts tomorrow!!! Set your clocks ahead an hour!!!!

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