Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MaKenna WAS sick after all!!!

So....remember the doctor office fiasco?? We were there for Cam and Jake...but I had him look at MaKenna and Major because of their coughs that wouldn't go away. Everything looked fine he said.

So that 2 am....MaKenna woke up SCREAMING because her ear hurt and she had a fever. I knew ear infections could creep up on you very quickly...but really????? So, the next morning I asked her how she felt...she said fine. I thought, must have just been a fluke. So we went to church for MOPS. About an hour after we got there, Kenna's teacher came out telling me that Kenna was very sad and said her ear hurt. I called my dad who came and picked her up. I called the doctor's office and they got me in for later in the afternoon. Yup....a nice big, fat ear infection! That's what I get for trying to work the system by having her looked at the day before and not paying for it. Yup...that's what I get!!!

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