Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hockey this weekend! this weekend! This time we are in Kansas City! Yippee! *note sarcasm*. I am sorry...I love hockey...I love my boys....but I HATE Kansas City! I just HATE going there! Sorry Kansas Cityans....I am just NOT a fan of your town. Yes....there are good points to it...but....just not a fan. Please forgive me. This is the trip of the year that I dread. I don't mind Des Moines....I don't mind Lincoln...I even don't mind Sioux City....but Kansas City? Ugh. we go tomorrow afternoon. We have to take the boys out of school around noonish. We will spend the weekend in Kansas City...because I love hockey...and I love my boys.....

See you Sunday...with lots of pictures!!!

I do have a couple questions though...I NEED YOUR INPUT...PLEASE ANSWER:

*If there were a Christian Hockey Team in Omaha....would you be:

A. More likely to enroll your kids
B. Less likely to enroll your kids
C. Doesn't really make a difference

-This Christian Hockey Team would be no different then the regular teams except that prayer and speaking about God would be okay. No Wednesday night Sunday morning practices or games...and maybe even a little devotional while on the ice from time to time.

*If you are NOT a follower of this blog it because:

A. Woops! I'll do that right now
B. What does that mean?
C. I don't WANT to follow your blog!

-PLEASE become a follower! You will have more opportunity to win awesome prizes! The more followers I have, the bigger and better giveaways I will get to do!

That's it! Have a great weekend!!!!!!!

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