Saturday, May 8, 2010

The trip to the Zoo....and birds and bees...ugh...

So...Cam is SOOO thrilled to be volunteering at the zoo this year!!! Even though it is quite a drive for me to and is worth it to see his excitement! A couple weeks ago, I took him for his shift. This was only a day after I had the embarressing night at Neihardt where they talked to us parents about the birds and the bees that they planned to discuss with our children. No...not detail...just what will happen to their individual bodies. on the way to the zoo...we have about 20 minutes and Cam says, "So...what did they tell you at school last night?"


"uuhhhh....well....they told us that you guys will be started a health unit in school in a couple weeks."

"Why did they need to tell you that mom?"


"uuuhhhh....well....they will be discussing the different things that happen to your body as you grow up." (good save Tonya......)

"Like what mom?"

Gulp.....really?? Come on...throw me a bone can do it...

" how your hormones change and cause things to be different."

Let me just say...a few days before this, he came home and said that one of his friends' sisters was on her "period time", and he didn't know what that meant....but she was I used that as an example.

"You know how you said that girl was on her "period time"....well there comes a time in a woman's life when....."

I went through it very carefully....delicately....and not in too much detail...he says,


"Kinda....I guess you could call it a bandaid...."

So...with the "period" thing behind me...I moved on....

"Guys don't bleed, but you have other hormonal changes."

"Like what?"


" erections."

"What's an urection?"

"No Erection....are you sure you don't want to talk to your dad about this????"

"Just tell me!" goes nothing...

So...I explained it to the best of my ability and told him to follow up with dad because he knows more concerning that topic than I do.

He did mention that he thought those erections simply meant he had to go to the bathroom.....ahh....the only keep then that innocent!!!!

So....we made it through THAT talk.....hopefully it will be awhile before I have to go into the OTHER talk......I think that was enough for awhile.......

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PragmaticMom said...

I blogged on my Birds and Bees talk with my 10-year-old daughter at

I used a great sex ed book as the basis for the talk and it worked really well. Other mom readers suggested their favorite books as well and that is posted too.

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