Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dixie's Bridal Shower was the day!!! Dixie Lee Filleman's Bridal Shower!!! I have been planning a long time....and today was it!!!

Holly flew out to be with us also, which I was so grateful for! She handled the games and prizes! I did the food....some of the decorations, and Deana did the cake and punch! It was a brunch so we had lots of yummy food and snacks there!! Way to much for those of us who are TRYING to watch what they eat! is a weekend...and it is for a good eat I must!!! :-)

We had a WONDERFUL time! It was REALLY a lot of fun! I felt a tad old though as most of the attenders were in college....well...grad school...but I still felt old! They were talking about their 5 year high school reunions! Uh...that was a few years back for me....okay....a lot!

I took lots of pictures...but I had to borrow dad's camera as I need to upload them...and I will put them on asap!!

I just want to thank Holly for doing such a great job...and I want to thank Deana for doing the cake and the punch and for clean up afterward...and Rhonda for cleaning up and helping me set up some...and to Emily for helping me clean up...and Tini for helping us with clean up and other fun little things in between!! You guys are THE BEST!!! I would be absolutely LOST without you all! Of all know that and that is why you hang around me!!! :-)

Pictures to come!

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