Saturday, May 8, 2010

He is out of control...part 2!!!! its been a few weeks.....I am finally getting around to blogging on this! I really didn't want to relive it!

So....picture is Sunday...time for church. Jeffy doesn't feel I take all four kids with me to church. I send everyone off to Sunday School and I go find my dad and sister and sit with them during service. Everything is going swimmingly now. Whew.

Church is is time for MY Sunday school....but the big boys don't want to go to their Sunday School again, so papa offers to take them home. Okay...not a big deal. So...I lose two kids. The other two are still down in their Sunday School rooms. So...I head off to my Sunday school...things are still going...swimmingly.

Sunday School is over....I head down to pick up the Majormeister. First problem....nursery door opens...he runs out and away from me. Not a big deal...I know he can't get anywhere....but it is just hard on me who is in heels and carrying a coffee cup, bible, purse, diaper bag and Sunday School papers. I grab him...not a problem....just a little out of breath. I go across the hall to get MaKenna. I have to let go of Majormeisters hand to help MaKenna with her shoes since I am still holding all things listed above.

Majormeister runs around the room...again...not a big deal....I just have to corner him and grab him. A bit out of breath....but I manage. I walk out holding all above well as Major's hand and MaKenna's hand....holding both of their hands with one of my hands....I know...I am talented...but show me a mother who CAN'T do that! :-)

Oopss...MaKenna has to go potty before we leave and she can't wait until we get home. We go in the is a chilly day, so they have jackets on. I had to let go of Major's hand to help her take her jacket off. Off he runs...into the handicap stall where he proceeds to throw his jacket into the toilet. Yes...THROW his jacket into the toilet. I run in there grab the jacket it flings toilet water all over me, I try to grab Majormeister who thinking he is funny, crawls under the stall and through several stalls in an attempt to get away from me...not a big deal other than it is disgusting to be on the bathroom floor...oh...and did I mention that some of these stalls he crawled into were occupied?? He decided to stay in one of those occupied stalls in order to stay away from me. I was horrified....through the door I was apologizing to the poor lady stuck in there with him. She comes out and he runs. I grab him. him...but I am NOT putting his jacket back on him. MaKenna finishes....I go out and ask someone else to help her with her jacket so I don't have to let go of Majormeister.
We get out to the truck...this has taken us some the parking lot is just about empty....I HAVE to dig through my purse to find the keys. I squeeze Majormeister between my legs so he can't get lose as I grab the keys. Apparently I need to work on those thigh workouts because he got loose and RAN into the parking lot street!! I ran after him, yelling that he was going to get his hynee beat and that I had had enough (at this point, I didn't care who heard me). He falls and hits his head on the concrete and starts to bawl. I scoop him up and throw him in the car seat. All the while Kenna is being such a nice quiet little dolly! He starts to get smart with me, and yelling at me to let him out....I crank up the radio and start to cry myself!

I pull into the garage...Jeff meets me...I tell him to take care of Majormeister, I was done!

Later Jeff said we should have named him Wyatt Thomas Filleman so that he would have the perfect and fitting initials of WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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