Thursday, May 20, 2010

11 year old girls.....

So...what is with girls now adays?? When I was 11 years old...I wasn't near as gutsy! Last weekend we had three girls that came to our house. When I looked out the was standing on the sidewalk, one was sitting in our tree swing and the other was ringing the door bell OUT OF CONTROL!

Cam had answered it...I didn't know what transpired. Later, Cam, Jake, and Jeff went to Lacrosse practice. Again...the doorbell...the three girls....I went to the door. No...he is not here.

Next day....same thing...this time, Cam was at a friends house. I made sure NOT to mention WHICH friends house he was at.

I asked Cam the next day (he stayed the night at his friends)...what is going on with these girls?? Apparently the one that keeps ringing the doorbell uncontrollably wants him to "go out with her." He didn't want to be mean so he simply said he would think about it. Which prompted her to come over all weekend long for his answer.

Really???? Did you do this when you were 11???? Crazy!!

So Monday rolled around and he told her no. She actually said to him, "I am going to wrip you from limb to limb until you say yes!" that is going to entice him....

Then, he MENTIONED to his friend that she was a little hefty for him. It is true....she is a hefty girl, but CAM!!! He NEVER should have said that! Number is cruel...number two...that is how little girls become bulemic's and anorexics....and nubmer three...things like that ALWAYS have a way of coming back and biting you in the butt!!! did bite him in the butt. Her friends found out he said that, and he had 5 11 year old girls beating him up after school! He didn't get beat up....but they sure tried!

No...he shouldn't have said that...but she also shouldn't have said she would wrip him limb from limb!!

My goodness!! Is THIS what I have to look forward to???????

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