Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kindergarten RoundUp!

Friday was MaKenna's Kindergarten RoundUp. For those of you who don't know what that is a day when the "to be" Kindergartners go and visit the school for a couple hours and do what real Kindergartners do. It is like an orientation. MaKenna was SO excited! She woke up before dawn and kept asking when we were going. breakfast...she said her tummy was starting to hurt. So she wasn't sure if she wanted to eat. She was SOOOO excited though! Cam also had his orientation at the Middle School that he was also very excited! So...I had two kids on Friday who kept asking, "Do we go yet?" It was rather amusing....and a bit annoying! Anyway...I got Cam and Jake off to school...then it was time for MaKenna. Here is her before school picture!

It was very here is a picture of us walking up to school....I had Samantha that day as well.

Once we got inside she started to hide behind me! I was so surprised because she had been SOOOO excited and now suddenly she was scared to death! But...she walked off with her teacher just fine!

Then Samantha and Major and I went for a quick trip to the park!

After her roundup morning she was just talking, talking and talking! She had a ton of fun! She is very excited to go back in August!

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